Your peers

Working at Solon.

A new employee’s diary of her experience on the job.

The first 100 days. Yosra Letaief, Manager at the London office, describes her start at Solon. Unabridged and largely uncensored.
Day 1
My first day at Solon: I arrive at 10 am and am warmly welcomed by five fellow consultants. I am surprised the office is so empty but they tell me that most of the team is working on projects at the clients’ sites: in Finland, Germany, and London. We have a nice sit down lunch and I receive some induction training and material to familiarize myself with.
Week 2
We are flying to Munich for a training exercise on how to give valuable feedback to project team members. It is very nice to meet the senior teams from the Munich and Warsaw offices after only one week. We all stay overnight at the hotel Schloss Hohenkammer where we socialize over dinner and drinks.
Week 4
Week number two on my first project at Solon. I’m working on a commercial due diligence for a private equity fund on a mobile tower company, with a team composed of a principal and a business analyst from Warsaw and a consultant from our sister company Altman Vilandrie & Co. It is the first time that I am working out of the Warsaw office which is located directly in the city center. My task is to assess the business plan of the company which is a good starting point to ease my transition into Solon’s work style and to familiarize myself with the sector.
Week 7
I am now working on my second project, looking at the potential acquisition of a data center in California. Our private equity client is particularly interested in the supply-demand dynamic of the region. This time, besides working on a work stream of my own, I also have a leadership role, being responsible for overseeing a business analyst.
Week 12
The whole company is off to Munich for Solon’s annual Practice Day: two days where a number of external and internal experts in their sector present and discuss the latest trends in the Technology, Media and Telecoms industries. After the training half of the group heads to Austria for a traditional ski weekend with sunny weather and, of course, some après-ski.
Day 100
I am about to start my fourth project and am particularly excited about it: a review of the mobile refurbishment market and sizing of the supply of used smartphones and the demand for refurbished phones in two key markets. During my first projects with Solon I was gradually given more responsibility, overseeing junior team members and owning a section of the project, while receiving all the support and feedback needed from more senior members of the team. So far I have learned a lot and enjoyed my time on and off the projects and am looking forward to my next challenges.