Our culture

Our company culture and values.

See what makes Solon tick.

A variety of people from a wide academic spectrum work at Solon. Physicists cooperate with philosophers, lawyers with mathematicians, and economists with biologists.

All employees have excellent logical, analytical and communicative abilities. But more than this, they all share high levels of entrepreneurship and creativity. We value people with initiative and the courage to try new things. Early on in their career, Solon consultants are asked to contribute to the development of the firm in addition to their client work. This could be through engaging in one of our practices (Media, Telecommunications, Technology and Innovation, Private Equity and Corporate Finance) or by helping to run our processes such as recruitment and training.

Our staff members actively contribute to their communities, and Solon conducts pro bono projects supporting charities and organizations chosen by them.

Why Solon?

  • You can have a positive impact from the start
  • You take on responsibility early in your career
  • We focus on exciting industries: telecommunications, media, and technology
  • We offer five attractive locations: Munich, London, Warsaw, Milan or Paris
  • Solon carries out joint trainings and project work with our partner firm Altman Vilandrie & Company (based in Boston, New York, and San Francisco)

Our values

  • Client dedication: we serve our clients with all our expertise and effort
  • Meritocracy: your career is driven by what you do at Solon
  • Accessibility: we maintain flat hierarchies
  • Participation: we grow our firm together with you
  • Having fun: without this, work would not be worth our time