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Consulting firms are all the same.

You don’t think so, do you?

At Solon you can make a positive impact from the very start of your career. Our industry focus means you’ll become a recognized expert very quickly. Telecommunications, media, and technology are exciting industries run by interesting people.
The culture of the organization you work in is the key to your professional development, and also determines how much fun you’ll have along the way. At Solon, we have good reason to be proud of our firm.
Solon has many talents. But we could still benefit from yours. We’re looking for exceptional people with exceptional performance, both at university and in their profession.
Our goal: to make the best even better. From day one on we will support your development with a mentorship program and consistent training that will enhance both your personal and functional skills.
The people you are working with can make all the difference. Get to know some of Solon’s consultants – just a few of the interesting characters you’ll meet at Solon.
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