Uli Schellenbaum

Senior Consultant.

Uli Schellenbaum joined Solon in 2017 and is based in the Munich office.

Consulting focus

Uli Schellenbaum has worked on numerous projects for clients who are active in the European TMT sector. The main focus lies on strategic work for technology and telecommunications companies, particularly concerning the effects of technology trends such as IoT and Smart Cities. In this context, Uli worked for a large telecommunications company, for example, to identify and develop potential growth areas. Further project work included – in addition to several M&A deals in the European TMT environment – a comprehensive portfolio analysis for a pan-European telecommunications company which resulted in the elaboration of a concrete product strategy. In particular, Uli prepared surveys that were conducted all over Europe and carried out geospatial data analyses which enabled a detailed market assessment.


Uli Schellenbaum holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Karlsruhe (KIT) and completed parts of his studies in the USA and New Zealand. His main focus is on applied computer science and scheduling based optimization. Prior to joining the company, Uli was mainly active in the energy & IT sector, where he had his first contact with the TMT industries and with Solon.