Fibre article in Broadband Journal

The Broadband Journal of the SCTE published the Solon Telecoms White Paper “Profitable Growth in Fibre” in its May 2012 issue. The authors Christian Teichmann, Sven Müller and Oliver Theiss discuss strategies for fiber operators to benefit from the race for high bandwidth connections in Europe.

Interview with Marcus Englert

The magazine Werben und Verkaufen (WuV), a leading publication for the media and marketing industry in Germany, published an interview with Marcus Englert, Associate Partner at Solon. Marcus Englert talks about the emerging video markets in Germany and how the market entry of new competitors such as Amazon, Google, and […]

Solon quoted in “Handelsblatt”

An article on high speed internet development (German: “Schnelles Netz weckt neue Hoffnung”), published on 27 February 2012 in the leading German business newspaper “Handelsblatt”, quotes from the Solon White Paper “Mobile Data Growth”. In the article, a closer look is taken at new transmission standards – especially of LTE […]

Solon in Business Week

Business Week and Bloomberg published an article about the Solon panel discussion at the Medientage 2011 event:”German Pay-TV Market share may jump by one-third, adviser says”. Solon is quoted several times: “High-definition or three-dimensional images, exclusive content such as live sports and easier-to-use devices will help cable and online TV […]

Solon discussion on HORIZONT.net

The online issue of Horizont, a magazine for marketing, advertisement and media, features the article “Internet becomes the driver of the pay TV industry” about the Solon Panel that took place at the Medientage. The strategy consultants of Solon reached the conclusion that “despite all objections the pay TV industry […]