“The Future of Video”: Solon at the Munich Media Days 2017

Featuring current trends, new business models, and attractive story telling methods, the participants of the panel discussion on “The Future of Video” during this year’s MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN (Media Days Munich) were in agreement: Providers are determined to build new co-operations which go beyond both genres and platforms.

The current Solon Video Survey formed the basis for the expert discussion introduced by Christian Esser (Managing Director of Solon Management Consulting), who summed up the survey’s results as follows: “Content still is King”. The rise of (usually young) consumers, willing to pay more for advertisement-free content, combined with the increased budgets of Amazon and Netflix who compete with the innovative co-productions of national content, have created new viewing trends which necessitate a general redefinition of “Television” as a term.

So what is the role of linear television for different platforms? How do business models change and who will earn money in the future? Which content will be broadcast on which platform, and what is the level of importance of local content? Referring to these and further questions, the moderator Dr. Marcus Englert (Associate Partner and Managing Director of Solon) and several other top-class experts of the sector conducted a debate involving different perspectives.


  • Wolfgang Elsäßer, Head of Business Unit TV Telekom Germany
  • Holger Enßlin, CEO Legal, Regulatory & Distribution Sky Germany
  • Sophie Lersch, Chief Customer Experience Officer, MX1
  • Christoph Müller, Managing Director Constantin Film Productions
  • Christoph Schneider, Managing Director Amazon Video Germany, Head of TV EU
  • Marc Schröder, Chief Strategy Officer, Media Group RTL Deutschland


Introductory talk:

Christian Esser, Managing Director, Solon Management Consulting

The event took place as part of the Media Days Munich at ICM/Messe Munich.

Solon-Panel: “The Future of Video” on Tuesday 24th of October 2017, 11:45 – 12:45 am.

Further information as well as the panel in full-length in video format (in German) are accessible at: https://medientage.de/workshop_item/die-zukunft-von-video/