Solon publishes Video Survey

The demand for online video services is growing. According to the Solon Video Survey, between 33% (Germany) and 46% (USA) of all internet users are using video on demand or online (OTT) services on a regular basis.

Young people are especially frequent users of OTT services, making themselves independent from linear TV. According to Christian Esser, Head of Media Practice at Solon Management Consulting, this development already affects consumption of linear TV in the United States.

In Europe, the available video services do not yet fulfill consumers’ demand to watch attractive content whenever they want. The Solon Survey shows that there is substantial demand for new and improved non-linear video offerings. “We see the willingness to pay for convenient and attractive video services in Europe”, says Esser. “Success factors are premium content, country-specific pricing, and comfortable access – as evident in the wish to watch videos on the big TV screen rather than on laptops or tablets.”

The press release is available for download. Please send us an email if you would like to receive the results of the Solon Video Survey.