Marco Cordoni at Datacloud UK/ Finance & Investment Forum 2018

Marco Cordoni, Partner and Managing Director at Solon Management Consulting, will be a speaker at this year’s Datacloud UK/ Finance & Investment Forum on 1st February 2018. Together with Stephanie Liston (Coffey Graham), Robin Brown (BDO Corporate Finance), Steve Bowes-Phipps (PTS Consulting) and James Walsh (Fieldfisher), Marco will discuss the topic „Risk Management for Data Center Investors“.

Given the strong demand for data center solutions, the investment opportunities in this thriving market seem endless. However, like with any significant investment, the risks specific to this industry should not be overlooked. This panel will explore the risk in the context of a shifting global market and how investors can best protect themselves from exposure.

4:30 pm: Panel “Risk Management for Data Center Investors”

Datacloud UK/ Finance & Investment Forum 2018
London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square
31 January – 1 February, 2018