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  • IoT opportunities and positioning options for connectivity providers

    December 2019 | Marco Cordoni, Mirko Gramatke, Ansgar Schlautmann, Tomasz Hajduk, Andreas Sperling | Iot | Whitepaper Download: English While the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been touted to be a major growth opportunity for Telcos and infrastructure providers over the last 10 – 15 years, reality shows that this market seems to be more complex and less profitable for service providers than previously expected. As a result, no major Telco or infrastructure player has been able to take a significant profit pool from IoT connectivity as of today. This Solon whitepaper provides insights into IoT technologies and projected developments of the low-power wide-area network connectivity compared to the traditional cellular connectivity and the respectively arising IoT connectivity opportunities for Telcos and infrastructure players.    

  • How telcos can play a central role in the $15 billion AI market

    October 2018 | Mirko René Gramatke, Cem Dilmegani | Technology | Whitepaper Download: English Solon Telecoms Whitepaper

    Increasing data availability and higher processing power are facilitating this evolution, allowing better methods to be used on more data at lower cost. Telecoms operators are well positioned to take advantage of this revolution by optimising their own business activities and acting as “technical” AI platform enablers for other industries, which are expected to spend ~$15bn annually on AI business operations by 2021.
  • Emerging market value added services – a rare ray of light in the mobile industry

    December 2016 | Dan Lerner, Anthony Milovantsev, Megha Raghavan | Mobile Telecoms | Whitepaper Download: English Solon Telecoms Whitepaper

    Through direct conversations, and project work with hundreds of stakeholders in the emerging markets mobile value-added services (mVAS) space, Solon has observed three key trends that will continue to drive growth in mVAS: (1) despite predictions to the contrary, mVAS continues to flourish, (2) the mVAS value chain allows MNOs a final throw of the die to take part in the app ecosystem, and (3) a new “VAS 2.0” ecosystem is developing to serve smartphone users.
  • Quad Play: Consumers will take it, but only if telcos pay for it

    June 2015 | Dan Lerner, Anthony Milovantsev | Mobile Telecoms| Whitepaper Download: English Solon Telecoms Whitepaper

    Across the current subscriber bases of BT, EE, O2 and 3, 74% of consumers have expressed interest in quadruple play bundling – a significant share, as telco operators are gearing up to take advantage of the opportunity through fixed-mobile convergence. However, subscribers expect steep discounts to their overall bills as a result of bundling, with 72% of respondents who expressed interest in quadruple play saying they want on average a 15-16% overall bill discount in order to make the offer attractive.
  • Micro Lending – Service innovation in the mobile sector

    February 2015 | Christian Teichmann, Dan Lerner | Mobile Telecoms | Whitepaper Download: English Solon Telecoms Whitepaper

    Driven by hyper-competitive markets and stagnant ARPUs, developing-world mobile operators are looking to outsourcers to run new services for them: one of the most successful products has been lending airtime. We estimate $19bn of airtime was lent in 2014 globally, with platform providers taking as much as five per cent of this in service fees. With their entry into the financial services arena, platform providers are now a powerful complement to the existing mobile financial services platforms of the MNOs.

  • African B2B telco – $2bn of underserved demand today, growth of 26% p.a. ahead

    January 2015 | Christian Teichmann, Dan Lerner, Jonathan Arscott | Mobile Telecoms | Whitepaper Download: English African telcos are leaving as much as $2bn of B2B revenue on the table - a result of chronically underserving the market according to new Solon research. If these operators were to succeed in capturing the full B2B market potential over the next five years they would need to achieve a CAGR of 26% on their current B2B revenues as the market grows to nearly $10bn by 2019.

  • Solon Survey of European Cable Communication 2014

    December 2014 | Matthias Hamel, Carolin Hug, Stephanie Heinecke | Cable Networks| Media Download: English The 6th Solon Survey of European Cable Communication, announced today, underlines the ongoing success of the cable industry. Executives from leading European cable operators expect an accelerated growth rate, forecasting a revenue increase of 6% per year until 2016. At the same time, they also foresee a further increase in profitability: EBITDA margin is expected to reach 51% on average in 2016.

    The Solon Survey of European Cable Communication 2014 is based on the feedback of executives at 14 leading European cable operators from 12 countries. Solon Management Consulting – top-management advisor on media and telecommunications – conducts this survey in cooperation with CTAM Europe every two years. It is one of the most comprehensive strategy and benchmarking studies for the European cable industry.
  • Online video vs. linear TV: How quickly will the shift take place? Who will profit most?

    October 2014 | Christian Esser | Media | Presentation | Study Download: German

    Presentation at the Medientage München 2014
    Traditional TV broadcasters and online video platforms are increasingly competing for media users. Despite the belief that the extended offer of media content could result in a decline of linear TV users, the data shows that both platforms actually gain viewers. But what leads to this win-win situation? Which user groups are willing to pay for online video content?
  • Changes in the advertising market: Where does the shift in balance lead?

    October 2013 | Dr. Henning Röper | Media | Presentation | Study Download: German

    Presentation in the course of Medientage München 2013
    Advertising income is the largest source of revenue for most media companies. Yet this market is undergoing a structural change. Technologically driven innovations increase the attractiveness of online advertisement in comparison to other media genres. Increasing video consumption and the use of mobile devices play an important role in this process. Furthermore, advertisers are shifting their budget towards Owned and Earned Media, while the classic concept of Paid Media has become only one of three important Marketing channels.
  • Are we ready to pay? Pay TV in Germany – Strategies and visions

    October 2013 | Dr. Marcus Englert| Study| Media Download: German Pay TV is gaining grounds in Germany – yet it is not advancing as fast as in other European countries and in the US. Also, pay TV is facing increasing competition by target group specific free TV offers. Developing differentiation and coverage maximization strategies could be roads to success for pay TV providers like “sky”.  

  • Solon Connected Home Survey

    November 2012 | Marc Sier | Cable Networks| Media | Study| Technology Download: English European consumers are increasingly interested in Connected Home Services, and those interested have a high willingness to buy, says our new European consumer study on Connected Home. The combination of these two factors turns Connected Home into an interesting growth market. Both telecommunications companies and utilities are well-positioned to develop Connected Home into a mass market by bundling new services in the areas of home entertainment, home monitoring, home energy and health with their existing products.

  • Zukunftsperspektiven für Print-Marken

    October 2012 | Henning Röper | Media | Presentation | Study Download: German Presentation in the course of Medientage München 2012

    Newspapers and magazines are under significant pressure regarding circulation and revenues. But by launching new titles and innovations publishers still have room for growth in their core business print publishing. On top of that publishers can systematically pursue attractive growth opportunities in the areas of digital publishing, analog additional business, digital diversification and media for equity deals.
  • Technology developments and their impact on the future of TV

    October 2012 | Dr. Marcus Englert | Media | Presentation Download: German

    Presentation in the course of Communication World 2012
    New devices allow to access video content from the Internet on TV screens. The consequence is an intensified competition for content and audience share. Younger users already spend as much time using Internet content as watching TV. This raises the question if the different regulatory frameworks for TV and Internet are still adequate in the light of these new developments.
  • Cloud Service Trends

    September 2012 | Matthias Hamel | Fixed Line Telecoms | Cable Networks | Media | Mobile Telecoms Download: English Solon TMT Industry Briefing

    Cloud services have manifested as a clear industry trend with 1/4 of all companies already spending money and a further 1/3 planning to do so. This presentation explains the different types of cloud services. It also gives clear advice for providers of cloud services how to seize the opportunity, and to potential customers how to best approach using the cloud.
  • Solon survey of European cable communication 2012

    June 2012 | Christian Teichmann, Matthias Hamel, Stephan Kalleder, Susann Friedrich | Cable Networks | Media Download: English Broadband services, mobile, B2B and next-generation TV will drive the next phase of cable growth. The fifth Solon Survey of European Cable Communication shows an optimistic and strong industry: Cable operators expect a revenue increase of over 5% per year until 2014 and further EBITDA margin expansion by two percentage points up to 48%. For the first time, cable operators forecast a declining basic TV penetration while pay TV penetration is forecast to grow.

    With 14 participating companies from 11 different countries, the 2011/12 edition of the Solon cable survey provides a wealth of references, benchmarks, business ideas and market opportunities. 
  • Mobile data growth: How operations can handle the traffic explosion

    May 2012 | Marc Sier, Stephan Kalleder, Andreas Pauly | Fixed Line Telecoms| Mobile Telecoms | Technology | Whitepaper Download: English Mobile operators face a massive increase in network cost due to the mobile data explosion. According to Solon estimates, the cost for access and backhaul network could almost double within five years. In the white paper „Mobile Data Growth: How operators can handle the traffic explosion”, the authors recommend a set of measures that will enable operators to provide bandwidth in a more cost-efficient way.

  • Profitable growth in fiber: Five winning strategies

    March 2012 | Christian Teichmann, Sven Müller, Oliver Theiß | Cable Networks| Fixed Line Telecoms | Mobile Telecoms | Technology | Whitepaper Download: English Solon Telecoms Whitepaper

    Fiber carriers across Europe are ideally positioned to benefit from the growth in demand for bandwidth, which is expected to reach US levels within the next three years. Due to the strong growth in individual data consumption, new services such as cloud applications, and rapid growth in mobile data traffic, the demand for high bandwidth fiber connections is expected to explode.What fiber carrier can do to achieve sustainable and profitable revenue growth per fiber mile is the focus of the Solon White Paper.
  • New models for financing content

    March 2012 | Dr. Marcus Englert | Media | Presentation Download: German

    Presentation at the Austrian Newspaper Asscociation

    The newspaper and magazine publishing market faces declining revenues from circulation and advertising. Reasons are the changing user behavior, new products such as smartphones and tablets, the shift of advertising and the market entry of new competitors. What alternative sources of revenues can publishers tap into? Marcus Englert proposes a diversification strategy which incorporates new formats, genres, and applications into the portfolio.

  • Mobile data growth: How german mobile data traffic will grow by 2016

    January 2012 | Stephan Kalleder, Andreas Pauly | Mobile Telecoms | Whitepaper Download: English Solon Telecoms Whitepaper

    Mobile Network Operators are faced with soaring data traffic. According to the Solon White Paper, mobile data traffic in Germany will increase by more than 15-fold between 2011 and 2016. This amounts to an annual volume of 2,100 Petabytes - about 37 billion streams of a 15-minute newscast. The authors Stephan Kalleder and Andreas Pauly examine the reasons behind the growing mobile data consumption.
  • Solon video survey 2011

    December 2011 | Christian Esser | Media | Study Download: English Executive Summary

    The demand for online video services is growing. According to a survey by Solon, 41% of the surveyed Internet users in the UK are already using Video-on-Demand or OTT services on a regular basis compared to 46% in the United States and 33% in Germany.  The Solon Video Survey examines the preferences and viewing habits of Internet users in five countries with regard to linear broadcast TV as well as non-linear video services (managed Video-on-Demand as well as over-the-top/OTT services). The survey also analyzes the criteria for a purchase decision through a conjoint analysis. Please contact Solon for further information.
  • Capturing the remaining broadband growth in CEE

    October 2011 | Patrick Bellenbaum | Fixed Line Telecoms| Cable Networks| Mobile Telecoms| Presentation Download: English Presentation at the Solon Broadband Breakfast

    Why is the broadband penetration in Central and Eastern Europe lagging behind Western Europe? Patrick Bellenbaum, Managing Director at the Solon office in Budapest, explained the differences in his presentation at the Solon Broadband Breakfast on October 7 in London. The main reason is the significant underdevelopment of rural areas in Eastern Europe. Mobile players are best positioned to close the gap.
  • Pay TV growth: Is Germany not much different than the rest of the world?

    October 2011 | Dr. Henning Röper | Media | Presentation Download: German Presentation at the Medientage 2011

    The market for Pay TV services in Germany is growing again after a long period of setbacks. Solon expects that in 2013 about 20% of all German households will use at least one form of paid-for TV offer. However, compared to countries such as the US and England, Germany still lags behind. New OTT (over-the-top) offers via internet will spur the usage and penetration of Pay TV offers. Henning Röper takes a look at the trends in the German market.
  • Bundling wins: The case for cable + mobile integration

    July 2011 | Michael Henrich and Martin Weiss | Cable Networks | Mobile Telecoms | Whitepaper Download: English Solon Telecoms Whitepaper

    European cable and mobile telecommunications players should integrate argues Solon Management Consulting in its newly published white paper. According to Solon, it is a powerful strategy for defying fully integrated incumbents offering  quadruple-play services (cable TV, broadband, fixed line, and mobile). It also allows the players involved to realize significant revenue and cost synergies. In a new entity, the mobile operators should drive the integration process. They are the larger parties, while many private-equity backed cable players will become available over the next years.
  • Broadband on demand: Cable’s 2020 vision

    March 2011 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: English Solon market study for Cable Europe

    Fast and ultrafast internet access are two of the main targets of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda. Cable leads the way to ultra-high speed: 100 Mpbs and more will be the cable standard of the future. By 2013, 51% of EU households will be reached with 30 Mbps via cable networks. Solon examines the contribution of the European cable industry to the Digital Agenda in several areas and discusses policy implications.
  • TV markets: From the screen to online, mobile, ipad & co.

    February 2011 | Marcus Englert | Media | Presentation Download: Deutsch Presentation at the berlin film lectures

    What are the changes (and what will not change) in the national and international TV and movie markets? In his presentation, Marcus Englert, Associate Partner at Solon, discusses the latest developments in the TV industry: Shifts in media usage, new allocation of media budgets, new consumer devices, and new competitors force established player to address new challenges. Marcus Englert shows how new business models could be successful, how to raise sales and make gains through new distribution channels such as video on demand.
  • New incomes for TV

    October 2010 | Henning Röper | Media | Presentation Download: Deutsch Introductory presentation for the Solon Panel at Medientage Munich

    In the 2009 crisis, the volatility of TV broadcaster ad revenues was clearly felt. As such, it is important for free TV broadcasters to establish further streams of revenue along side their core ad business. The presentation gives an overview of the possibilities in the areas of linear TV, video and non-video and shows both challenges and essential factors for success.
  • Growth factor: Cable

    Oktober 2010 | Solon | Cable Networks | Study Download: German Solon market study for ANGA

    The German cable operators drive infrastructure competition: the expansion of cable creates lasting competition, growth and employment. The cable companies support competition for increasingly higher bandwidths and, in turn, the variety of multimedia offers. By also supplying broadband in rural areas, and through media diversity and plurality, cable operators contribute significantly to political goals. In the study written for the cable industry organization ANGA, Solon shows the importance of the cable industry. The study also gives recommendations for policy and regulatory frameworks for the industry.
  • TV strategy for cable operators

    September 2010 | Henning Röper | Cable Networks | Media | Study Download: English Presentation at CTAM Euro Summit 2010

    European cable operators have been successfully expanding their offering from basic and digital TV to high speed broadband. But is their TV product still up to date with competing IPTV offers from telcos? And how should cable operators react to the multitude of new competition from over-the-top video offers, Google's entering into the arena with Google TV, the integration of VoD into TV and the new hybrid platforms like HbbTV and Youview? TV needs to retake center stage in cable operators' strategy.
  • Approaching the SoHo opportunity

    May 2010 | Solon | Fixed Line Telecoms | Cable Networks | Study Download: English An analysis for a successful offer

    For many telcos, be they cable, fixed-line or mobile, the SoHo market presents a highly attractive growth opportunity that is largely still untapped. To do this successfully it is critical to define the SoHo product offer and market approach based on the real needs of this target group. In this study, Solon presents how telcos should approach the SoHo market: starting from a needs-based market segmentation, defining the product offer, designing support elements and finally finding the right market positioning.
  • Competitive dynamics in the feed-in market

    October 2009 | Solon | Cable Networks | Media | Study Download: German

    The presumed market power of cable network operators in the feed-in market is a--if not the--barrier to the consolidation of the German cable market. Using detailed, media-focused economic analyses, the study shows that the a revision of this market perception should be considered. The two-sidedness of the feed-in market and the increasingly intense competition of TV infrastructures significantly reduce cable operators' room for manoeuvre. A further consolidation of the market, as already realized in many European cable markets, can thus be seen as a positive development.
  • Solon European cable survey 2009

    October 2009 | Martin Weiss, Dorothea von Wichert-Nick | Cable Networks| Study Download: English The 4th survey on cable operators in Europe

    High-Speed broadband Internet access, interactive TV-European cable operations equip themselves to compete. With speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s they have left the broadband field behind. This puts them in a solid position despite the economic crisis - with growth rates of 7% and annual EBITDA gains of close to 9% through 2012.
  • Competition between media types

    October 2009 | Henning Röper | Media | Presentation Download: German

    Presentation at the Medientage München

    "Who will win and who will lose in the battle for budgets?" This was the leading question for the Solon panel discussion at Medientage Munich 2009. Experts in the areas of print, TV, Online, the advertising industry and Google discussed the advertising market crisis. Henning Röper explained current trends and challenges in an introductory presentation.

  • Cable in Europe: Delivering the future today

    September 2009 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: English The new report by Solon for the industry association Cable Europe shows the state of play of the European cable markets: sustainable growth, outperformance of the general European economy, and continued investments in high speed fiber networks. The study forecasts 6-8% revenue increases for 2009-2010. It also provides an overview of cable markets in different EU countries, its positive effect on employment, and identifies EU policy challenges.

  • Cable digitalization in European comparison

    May 2009 | Solon | Cable Networks| Presentation Download: German How much progress is being made in digitizing German TV cable? Solon presented a comparison with other European countries on the BLM forum "TV 2011". Currently the exceptional analog TV offering is the biggest migration hurdle. Significant additional benefits from digitalization for customers can accelerate conversion.

  • German broadband market defies recession

    May 2009 | Press Release | Fixed Line Telecoms| Cable Networks| Study Download: German In addition of 778,000 new broadband subscribers in Q1 2009 is showing continous growth. Who benefits from this development? In Solon's opinion besides the market leaders in Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone cable operators are particularly well positioned. Managing director Jens Waltermann comments the current market development.

  • Solon advertising market study in W&V

    April 2009 | W&V | Media | Study Download: German The German advertising has to expect a reduction of 8-10% in 2009. Only in 2011 budget will rise again. During the crisis TV is gaining in weight. Read about the consequences for ad sales houses and media companies in a W&V report and in an interview with Solon Consultant Christian Teichmann. Source: W&V 16/ 2009,

  • Western European broadband markets

    October 2008 | Stephan Kalleder | Fixed Line Telecoms | Study Download: English

    Margins under pressure - own infrastructure is key. The Solon study assesses the importance and profitability of various Broadband access forms in 15 Western European markets. Due to strong price declines in many countries new customer acquisitions do not pay off within the first 24 months. In the medium term, therefore only infrastructure-based access models be able to prevail.
  • Mobile TV: What does it take for a breakthrough?

    October 2008 | Henning Röper | Media | Mobile Telecoms | Presentation Download: German During the “Medientage” in Munich Solon discussed together with industry leaders how Mobile TV could be moved forward in Germany. During the event, Mobile 3.0 announced its willingness to return its license. The introductory presentation gives a status overview and clearly indicates key success factors for the next round.

  • Solon broadband breakfast 2008

    October 2008 | Solon | Fixed Line Telecoms| Cable Networks| Presentation Download: English There are currently three main challenges for broadband operators, be it DSL or cable: What is the smartest way to grow the business? How to combat churn? How to end the Capex hike in order to strengthen operative free cash flow? We have discussed our answers with industry experts and investors in London.

  • German cable market 2012

    January 2008 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: German Download: English German Cable continues to grow strongly. Until 2012 revenues are expected to grow to €3.8 bn, with an annual growth of 7.4%. Our study explains how cable operators will reach this target and which challenges they have to master on their way.

  • Mobile media: When will the breakthrough happen?

    November 2007 | Henning Röper | Media | Mobile Telecoms | Presentation Download: German Download: English

    Presentation at the Medientage Conference in Munich

    A lot of hopes for new business are connected to mobile media, but the breakthrough hasn't happened yet. What do participants in the business system-content providers, mobile operators and device manufacturers have to implement in order to tap into these new potentials?

  • European Cable Survey 2007

    August 2007 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: English

    Third Solon Cable Survey

    From providing services to servicing customers: Cable network operators start to discover their customers. Excellence in marketing, sales and customer service are the new top discussions of the European cable industry. The European Cable Survey 2007 is the most encompassing study of strategic perspectives and operational challenges for European cable network operators.

  • Economic impact of copyright for cable operators in Europe

    July 2006 | Dorothea v. Wichert-Nick and Stefan Benndorf | Cable Networks| Media | Study Download: English The European cable and TV market is currently caught in a time of drastic change. Traditional regulation of copyright often no longer meets the requirements it should. Solon evaluates the existing regulations from an economic point of view and develops political points for a more efficient structure of copyright systems.

  • German mobile industry 2010

    October 2005 | Solon | Mobile Telecoms | Study Download: German No frills brands are only the beginning... This Solon study analyzes the changes in the mobile industry and elaborates three hey trends that will dominate the coming years. Market growth will be reduced to 5% per annum and the overall market volume will grow from euro 21 bn. (2004) t euro 28 bn. (2010).

  • Potenziale im deutschen Regionalzeitungsmarkt

    September 2005 | Jens Waltermann, Markus Bartelmess | Medien | Studie Download: Deutsch Regionalzeitungen dominieren den deutschen Zeitungsmarkt, stehen dabei aber vor erheblichen strategischen und wirtschaftlichen Herausforderungen. Dabei werden weitere Fusionen und Kooperationen eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Die Studie gibt einen Überblick über diesen Markt und seine Potenziale.

  • Kick-off for HDTV

    September 2005 | Henning Röper and Sebastian Weil | Media | Study Download: German The first German HDTV channels will be launched in autumn 2005. This Solon study forecasts active use of HDTV by 15% of all TV households by 2010 and identifies drivers and restraints for this development.

  • European Cable Survey 2005

    September 2005 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: English Second Solon Cable Survey

    The move towards Triple Play pays off for cable since more than doubles EBITDA per subscriber and boosts growth to double digit level. The European Cable Survey 2005 is the most encompassing survey of strategic perspectives and operative challenges in European cable.
  • International roaming development until 2012

    August 2005 | Jens Waltermann | Mobile Telecoms | Presentation Download: English

    International roaming revenues will continuously grow despite decreasing prices. This Solon Industry Briefing forecasts a revenue growth of on average 6.4 % p.a. until 2012 driven by increasing mobile penetration in emerging and volume growth in established markets.
  • War of platforms

    August 2005 | Solon | Fixed Line Telecoms | Cable Networks | Mobile Telecoms | Study Download: German Download: English

    DSL as well as TV cable are in a position to offer bundled TV, Internet and telephony ("Triple Play"). This sudy investigates how competition shifts from individual services to product bundles, and forecasts a tenfold increase of the European Triple Play market to approx. 7.5 bn EUR by 2010.
  • CATV networks in pictures

    June 2005 | Solon | Cable Networks| Presentation Download: English How is a German cable network structured, and what do the different network elements actually look like? An overview.

  • German cable market 2010

    May 2005 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: German Download: English The German cable market is growing: revenues are expected to grow by 45% to 3.4 bn EUR by 2010. Our latest study explains how this growth is achieved and which challenges have to be addressed on the road ahead.

  • Broadband Cable Germany: Basics

    February 2005 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: German Download: English This study includes key data on market volumes, market segments, growth, the large players and competing technologies.

  • Outlook German Cable 2005

    January 2005 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: English

    German cable industry trends 2005
    Which changes will 2005 bring to the German cable market? "Outlook 2005" summarizes our view on the industry and the core drivers behind the changes ahead.
  • Broadband Cable 2004

    October 2004 | Solon | Cable Networks| Study Download: English An analysis of the European cable market

    Solon presents the first comprehensive benchmarking study for the European cable market. The strategic and operative perspectives of the big cable network players were investigated.
  • Cross-selling in the media industry

    August 2003 | Jens Waltermann | Media | Study Download: German Using three examples from the media industry, the report shows important success factors for cross-selling to subscribers.