Project focus

Focus brings clarity.

We never lose sight of what is important.

Solon doesn’t do everything. Through being selective, Solon excels in the areas that we do focus on. We cover the full value chain of our target clients and the full business development lifecycle.
For our clients, we develop and implement strategic realignments, growth strategies, PMI (Post-Merger Integration), 100-day programs, and reorganization concepts.
Developing new business segments for our clients is a key topic for Solon: from product development to pricing; organizing marketing and sales; getting the operations established; and managing the first weeks after the launch of a new product or service offering.
The principle that guides all of Solon’s work is that things can always be done better. We are eager to help our clients to improve their performance through streamlining operations, redesigning core processes, and maximizing customer value.
We understand both sides of the equation. We help our industry clients to access debt and equity markets. We also advise private equity and debt financiers who invest in telecommunications, media, and technology.