Where it all begins: the technology.

The right technology is the base of any successful telecommunications and media business.

Choosing the right technology sometimes seems daunting to even the most experienced companies. Innovation is fast, investments are significant. The right technological infrastructure can provide a sustainable competitive edge, while the wrong decision may be financially devastating and slow you down for years. This is true for all segments of TMT and beyond.

This challenge is made even bigger by “language differences” between technology departments / providers and commercial departments. Bridging this gap is a key requirement for cash flow optimized decision making – and one of the biggest optimization potentials in the worldwide telco industry.

Solon’s detailed understanding and experience regarding underlying technology and infrastructures allows us to support clients in making the right technology decisions that will impact business strategy and future reality for many years to come. Because technology is not an obstacle, but a chance.

Some examples of our work

  • Cash-optimized roll-out of fiber, cable and mobile infrastructures reflecting demand, competition, and investment requirements
  • Detailed technical due diligences and assessments in all Solon industries including fiber, data centers, cable, mobile, and of technology providers / OEMs
  • Technical assessments of data center, hosting, and cloud providers
  • Strategy development for OEMs serving the telco industry
  • Video platform strategies for telcos and online players
  • Customer equipment strategy development
  • Comprehensive Capex optimization programs for multi-national telco player covering procurement set-up, roll-out, capacity investments, maintenance Capex, etc.
  • Strategy development aimed at integrating fixed and mobile networks