Where it all continues: when the technological foundation is set, then software is the real game.

The right technology is the basis of any successful software business, but sector expertise and understanding of customers are paramount.

Software companies are growing incredibly fast on the back of access to ubiquitous, cheap and flexible technologies. Investments in that space are now very significant and are bound to continue accelerating in the coming years.

The merging of service, sector expertise and the right technological solution can provide a sustainable competitive edge and is redefining all standard functions of the corporate world: from new ways to conduct sales and marketing, to Ops / IT support to finance and HR.

The challenge is then to understand the complex ecosystem created by the emergence of technology and software, from Fintech, MedTech, AdTech to more IT layers like IT-OM for example. The key to understand these trends is to bridge the technological gap with the sector expertise and understanding of the end customers’ need and purchase behaviours.

Solon’s detailed understanding and experience regarding underlying technologies and software development allow us to support clients in making the right decisions and choose the right software partner to realize successful business strategies. It also allows us to help investors assess a corresponding investment opportunity from both a commercial and a technical angle – key for software acquisitions. The Software sector, enabled by evolving technologies, is where the most revolutionary changes will happen.

Examples of our work

  • Commercial plan review for a SaaS Health & Safety Tech company
  • Due diligence of a leading banking software company
  • Due diligence of a leading process automation software provider
  • Go-to-market review and partner selection for a MedTech company
  • Development of a business case for a payment tech company to diversify into digital (mobile) products
  • Entry strategy and rollout support for a multi-country mobile app consumer solution
  • Due diligence support on a leading recruiting software solution
  • Positioning and strategy project for a financial aggregation software
  • Due diligence on a booking and resource planning software
  • Strategy and transaction support in ad tech and media tech (OTT video platform-as-a-service, ad exchanges, as booking tools, etc.)
  • Strategy and transaction support for a travel and expense management solution provider