The right strategy for the digital age.

What’s your business model 3.0?

The discussion about the future of media is fed by many buzzwords: paid content, apps, OTT, big data, entertainment, to name only a few. Digitalization is a game-changer in the media industry and significantly transforms the traditional value chain. All players need to rethink their business models and catch new opportunities in order consist in the new competitive situation.

In this dynamic environment, following short trends can be fatal. Solon develops forward thinking strategies, tailor-made for your business. We help you to identify growth potential and develop new business. Like you, we believe in the opportunities of the digital age.

Some examples of our work

  • Diversification strategies for publishers and broadcasters
  • Internet portals and other online businesses
  • Online video and IPTV platforms
  • Non-linear video
  • Ad sales optimization
  • Programmatic advertising
  • M&A strategies and implementation
  • Gamification
  • eCommerce