Data Center, Hosting, and Cloud

Massive scale vs. differentiation and niches?

Outsourcing of more and more IT workflows pushes nearly all market segments.

Companies are experiencing an exponential growth of information collected and corresponding potential (big data). In parallel, IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly professional, allowing to move increasingly complex IT workflows away from on-premise. Both developments have led to significant growth of data center, hosting and cloud solutions. Key for companies and investors is to identify the next big revenue and profit pockets and to decide which one of them are best addressed considering own capabilities and external competition.
At Solon, we possess unique knowledge of both current market conditions and – more importantly – future developments to help our clients navigate these turbulent waters. Our work comprises the entire tech stack, ranging from colocation only to sophisticated cloud solutions. We have done extensive primary research and surveys to precisely map the migration paths between the different data center and cloud solutions. Our deep understanding of the technologies at play, and our long-term focus on both commercial and technical work allows us to help industry clients and shareholders make the right decisions.

Some examples of our work

  • Supply-demand analyses across Europe and the US
  • Revising and value maximizing outsourced IT delivery methodology
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud strategies
  • Partnering concepts
  • Go-to-market approaches for bare metal providers
  • Commercial and technical due diligences
  • Commercial plan for a newly built data center
  • Primary data center research