Cable Networks

Sustaining content leadership while growing with broadband, 4- and 5-play, and B2B.

Combining technical advantages with media and sales excellence.

Cable operators developed from utility providers over broadband challengers to integrated telco and media companies. To do this, they successfully utilized their infrastructure capabilities not only for B2C but increasingly also for B2B customers. The largest growth comes from broadband, followed by mobile and B2B. The key is to maintain and effectively develop the strong customer base.

Solon is Europe’s leading expert on cable players, supporting all aspects of value creation from new entertainment and telecommunications products to content strategies, customer value maximization, B2B launch / push initiatives, mobile integration / MNO negotiation, IPO support to cost and Capex optimization. Solon is also the author of Europe’s leading cable benchmarking study, the Solon Survey of European Cable Communication.

Some examples of our work

  • Concept design and introduction of new content products
  • Content negotiation
  • Customer value maximization
  • Mobile strategy and MNO negotiations
  • Quadruple play marketing and distribution
  • Development of sales channels and sales management
  • Network footprint expansion
  • Launch of B2B products and B2B push initiatives
  • Technology strategy
  • Opex and Capex optimization