Altman Vilandrie & Company.

Our partner in North America.

Since 2008, Solon has had a strong partnership with Altman Vilandrie & Company, a consultancy based in Boston, San Francisco and New York. AV&Co. was founded by Rory Altman and Ed Vilandrie in 2002 and works, similarly to Solon, with a dedicated focus on the TMT industries. As a benefit from our partnership, we jointly support international clients with operations in Europe, the Americas and other countries. Our clients profit from the expertise and experience of over 30 combined internationally active managers, principals, and directors. In addition to joint projects, we regularly exchange our views in common trainings.


Altman Vilandrie & Company
101 Federal Street, 28th Fl.
Boston, MA 02110, USA
+1 617 753 72 00

850 Third Ave 13th Fl.
New York, NY 10022, USA
+1 212 220 2380

One Montgomery St. #2350
San Francisco, CA 94104, USA
+1 415 489 3250